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The Frozen Toe Guide to Real Alaskan Livin
By Brookelyn Bellinger

This book has a unique perspective on Alaska taken from the authors own experience of moving there.

Filled with antidotal humor, real frustrations the author explains how they got over various difficulties, the best advice on things such as moose attacks, living without the luxury of indoor plumbing and surviving the dark winters.

It is a truly good read not only for those wishing to move to Alaska but it is also advisable for those wanting to travel there.

From how to find entertainment in true Alaskan style, a career in dog mushing, making ice-cream from snow and the best extreme sports this book has it all.

Fodor’s Alaska
By Fodor’s Travel Guides

The great thing about the Fodor series is that they are mostly written by locals.  These guides are written to help tourists avoid the “tourist trap” as they guide, entertain and enlighten the potential traveller.

They outline the best places to see, things to do, avoid and how to survive in their part of the world.

Designed to get the perfect trip outlined as each book includes extensive color maps, helpful itineraries, sites to see, the top animal watching or viewing spots, restaurants, hotels, camping spots, etc.