A guide to the best Alaskan mountaineering trips

Mountaineering in Alaska

With some of the best mountain peaks once you have climbed, skied and or adventured in Alaska you will want to do so again and again as nowhere else in the world quite compares.

Best Alaskan mountaineering trips

Introduction to Alaska Mountaineering Course

Whether it is your first climbing experience at all or just in Alaska it is always advisable to find a course that will get your ready for the challenges you will face when climbing in Alaska.
Courses like these even the most seasoned climbing veteran should consider as they usually have some new tips, techniques and advice having to keep up to date on everything to do with climbing in Alaska.

They usually take up to six days but will cover things from gear, camping, survival and emergency procedures.

Mt. Sanford Climb and Ski

This mountain range is just north of the Wrangell mountains and is the sixth highest mountain peak in the USA.  It stands at 16,237 feet, is a good mountain to climb as an Alaskan mountain climbing introduction and offers great skiing from the Sheep glacier.

There are some awesome views of the Wrangell mountains huge volcanoes and the climber gets to experience big mountain climbing.
Although a moderate climb all climbers should be in good physical shape and ensure that they are accompanied by a seasoned climber or native mountain climbing guide.

Mt. Bear

Is a remote peak in the St. Elias Mountains, one which is seldom climbed.  It offers really good ski mountaineering with the best views of St. Elias and Wrangell mountains.
At 5000 feet it does qualify as a “big mountain” and has quite a few different routes climbers can challenge themselves with.

Mt. St. Elias

If it is a mountain climb that offers some truly harsh technical levels of difficulty sprinkled with terribly harsh weather conditions then this is the climb.
This climb should only be done by experienced climbers as it is the second highest peak in both Canada and the USA standing at 18008 feet.  It has also only been climbed about fifty times since the first climbing expedition on this mountain in 1897.

This climb has to be planned well in advance and should be done through reputed climbing companies with a level of experience of the mountain.