About Us

Alaska one of the greatest US states according to us.  You may freeze your butt off in the dark winters but if it is an adventure, diverse friendly locals with hardly any cultural divides – Alaska is the place.

We have travelled Alaska extensively looking for all the adventure it has to offer.

What we have found is that most people come to Alaska and do the tourist thing.  Take in all the attractions, do the planned activities and safe fun sports.  It may be a good holiday, but a truly great Alaskan holiday is one of pure adrenaline filled adventure

If you truly want to feel just how special and unique Alaska is you have to live it.  Live it as a local, endure the harsh tests this beautiful land puts on its people.  Scale mountains of ice, kayak through tidewater glaciers or take on Class V rapids white water rafting.  Here there are no five-star hotels to pamper your aching muscles after a day a mental and physical exertion.  Instead, you have to pitch a tent, make a fire and hunker down in a sleeping bag fully clothed.

Our love of Adventure and Alaska is brought to you in our blog as we take you on our many adventures through this magnificent state.